Health Benefits

Why use us:

We are your advocate. We help make getting great health benefits easy.

We are committed to making your shopping and applying for health benefits as simple as possible.

*Have a question? We can answer your questions, explain your benefits,

*Question about a claim we are here to assist you

*Need to make changes to your plan such as add dependents or take dependents off your plan we are here to handle it for you.

*Update on renewal and have question we are here with answers

*Something unexpected comes up in life and the plan does meet your needs we are here

*Financial situation changes we are here

*As your advocate we are there for you. We are not the insurer. We are the bridge between you and them. We make it easy for you. No long hold on the phone only to get a computer to answer.How frustrating when you get a computer that does not hear what you want to say. We have people answer our phones, and they listen. Our people are in the USA, not overseas somewhere. You can understand them when they talk to you. Our customer service is just outside of Syracuse, New York.

“Made in the USA” also means “Serviced in the USA”

We are here to assist small business to compete with Large companies.

A big advantage a large company has when attracting great employee is by offering great benefits.

Now we help even up the playing field.

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